RAINBOW collection: bright and colorful precious gems set in an impalpable gold structure

The set of polychromies of the gems expresses the strong-willed and strong character of an emancipated woman who is not limited to traditional tastes but intends to take new paths on the path of elegance.

GALASSIE  Collection

Parure with diamond pavè inspired by the set of flashes that gently emanate, illuminating who wear these collections and enhancing their femininity. Every gaze stops on her, naturally attracted by her magnetic beauty.

LE VIE EN ROSE Collection: Morganite, the pink emerald

Inspired to enhance the femininity of a woman refined with delicacy and elegance the gem par excellence of the woman who never gives up in the face of difficulties while following her dreams. Fall in love with morganite.

LUXURY  Collection

A meeting of diamonds and precious stones that celebrates the timeless charm of women, eternal inspiration for a collection of magnetic and refined beauty.

MEDUSA Collection:coral and diamond jewels

This collection is inspired by the richness of expression of an outgoing and joyful woman, who transforms every gesture into authentic Mediterranean passions.

MAREA Collection: the deep blue of Aquamarine and Tanzanite

Inspired by the colors of the sea that vary from pale blue to deep blue, the Marea collections evoke the spirituality of seawater and the disruptive energy of Aquamarine and Tanzanite.

PRECIOUS collections: jewels with sapphire, ruby and emerald.

Each precious stone has a unique identity, as each woman who wears them has its own personality.

STARS  Collection

As the stars shine attracting the attention of those who scrutinize the sky, so the Stelle collections make the sober elegance and delicate personality of the women who wear them shine. Light points necklace, solitaire earrings and solitaire rings are characterized by the excellent quality of Gival brilliants.