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Selection of diamonds

Gival selects its diamonds with the international criterion determined by the 4 fundamental characteristics of diamonds, recognized by all gemological institutes in the world.

The carat is the unit of weight used for diamonds. One carat corresponds to 0.2 grams or one to the fifth of a gram. To make it easier, a carat is divided into 100 points.

The color of the diamonds varies from white to smoky yellow. The whiter the diamond, the more precious it is. The color classification is based on a scale called "main stones" under standardized artificial light conditions, equivalent to daylight in the northern regions. The range of colors is only needed to distinguish between the shades. Colors are defined using letters of the alphabet from D to Z. The best colors are D, E, F and G, which are used by Gival.

A diamond is considered pure if it has no inclusion, and to determine the presence or absence of inclusions, it must be examined, magnified 10 times and under normal lighting conditions, by a qualified person. A whitish inclusion is preferable to a black one of the same size. Other criteria that determine the degree of purity are size, location, number of inclusions and gloss. The highest level of purity is identified with the IF-VVS code.

The term "cut" indicates the exact shape of a diamond. An imperfect cut means that it is impossible to have a perfect brilliance. The weight of diamonds is often sacrificed to have a perfect cut. A perfect cut is defined as: VG VG (very good - very good).

Selection of precious stones

The Gival brand carefully selects all the precious stones of its collections, using exclusively "natural precious stones" that are purchased with an ethical supply chain directly from the source: sapphires, rubies, emeralds, aquamarines, morganites, tanzanites, tourmalines, etc. are chosen for cut and color, to be worthy of being.

and evaluation

Each Gival jewel is accompanied by a personalized gemological certificate with its photo, which certifies and guarantees, in a transparent and objective way, the high quality standard: both for the selection of diamonds and precious stones, both for the careful processing of gold, for the microscope setting, and for the exclusive realization in our laboratories in Italy.

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