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The Story

Gival is a historic Italian jewelry company founded in the seventies collecting the family tradition that began in the early twentieth century.

Over time, Gival has also distinguished itself on the international market, passing down, for generations, the noblest values of the goldsmith tradition, of family entrepreneurship and of the passion for refined quality.

A company that was born as a local Sicilian reality enriching its "know how" and its production capacity with the opening of a factory in Valenza (AL), a key city for jewelry and the center of excellence goldsmiths. Over time, the company has deepened its knowledge of new markets and a valuable network of contacts that have put Sicily in profitable connection to the rest of the world, spreading the excellence of Made in Italy.

Several milestones have marked the history of the company including the renovation of the beautiful headquarters in Sicily, pride of Mason, creating one of the most prestigious goldsmith factories in Sicily by adapting a noble palace to a jewelry factory that contains inside a showroom for the most reserved customers, and elegant rooms for a unique welcome.

Another important stage is marked by the concession by the Holy See to Gival for the production of the collection the "Crosses of the Jubilee" in the year 2000. High recognition that the Vatican has granted for the ethical work carried out in the many years of activity.
A part of the proceeds from the sale of the Gival crosses was allocated to the Solidarity Fund set up by the Central Committee of the Great Jubilee 2000 for the realization of good works.

In 2014, the collaboration between the excellence of Chinese designers and Italian jewelry manufacturers was born the project "Designed in China, Made in Italy", an initiative sponsored by ITA, which saw the participation of ten Italian companies, including the Gival that collaborated with the Chinese artist Ben Wu in the creation of earrings with white jade engraved. The goal was to exploit the skills and technical knowledge of Italian jewelry manufacturers to create prototypes designed together with Asian designers, for the promotion of the goldsmith sector aimed at China.

Today the management and responsibility of the factory is entrusted to the new generations, handing down from father to son the great passion for the creation of unique, enchanting and highly valuable jewels that combine tradition, skill and great commitment, making GIVAL jewels appreciated around the world.

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