Elegance and style made in Italy

GIVAL, a historical Italian jewellery company, stands out in the national and international markets, passing down the noblest values of the goldsmith tradition, family entrepreneurship and passion for refined quality, for generations.

Each GIVAL masterpiece is created from the inspiration of ambitious designers and takes shape in the hands of expert craftsmen to enhance the charm of every person who wears it. The work is done entirely by hand in Italy without giving up cutting-edge techniques with which our master goldsmiths create splendid creations: unique, elegant and refined items of jewellery.

GIVAL jewellery is an expression of "Made in Italy", the result of the utmost attention to detail and the excellent quality of raw materials.

GIVAL exports its collections to various countries around the world, supplying the most exclusive shops that seek the excellence and elegance of Italian craftsmanship.

An elegant and sophisticated style, modern and always alive. From the 18 ct gold ring and the elegant solitaire with diamonds to a unique and timeless item of jewellery with precious stones. Gival jewellery always gives you an unforgettable emotion.

Gival jewellery: Italian tradition & innovation

Gival jewellery is the result of great creativity and high craftsmanship; the result of skills that have been handed down for generations, combined with the most innovative techniques.

The creation of each item of jewellery begins with careful selection of the best gems, according to criteria aimed at choosing diamonds with excellent characteristics in terms of cut, colour, purity and carat. Expert gemologists select diamonds with the highest quality standards, exclusively cut according to the canons of the precious ideal cut, considered the perfect cut for its optimal proportions. As a guarantee and protection for its customers, Gival provides every single diamond with a gemological certificate that attests the specific characteristics of each gem.

Gival wants everyone who wears its creations to experience the research for beauty, attention to detail and the superior quality of its craftmanship.

The history of Gival:
from origins to export abroad

The Gival brand has distinguished itself on the international market as an ambassador of Made in Italy and synonymous with excellence and the best Italian jewellery tradition. Creativity, design and entrepreneurship are the key elements that guide the company, together with a deep passion for an art that is handed down from father to son. Gival has always stood out for the recognized quality of its products and raw materials used, and the exclusive design of its collections.

Gival jewels begin their fascinating history around the 19th century, when the founder, Isidoro, opened a modest workshop in Messina, taking his first steps in the goldsmith's art. Satisfaction was not long in coming, soon rewarding the intense efforts, sacrifices and long days of work. But the history of this ancient tradition, as often happens in the course of human affairs, was conditioned by the forces of nature and war events: in 1908, after a terrible earthquake that destroyed the city of Messina, its founder moved to Catania. Satisfaction and multiple awards, alternating with overcoming the two world wars, the family handed down through generations the passion and love for goldsmith craftsmanship which, in recent decades with the new generation, has received the appreciation of a wide variety of customers, not only in Italy but also worldwide.

Gival is currently present in Australia, the United States of America, Japan and Europe, in stores located in the most exclusive streets of the main cities.

An important recognition of the
Holy See:
"The Crosses of the Jubilee"

In 2000, on the occasion of the Great Jubilee of the Church of Rome, Gival obtained the recognition and the high privilege of the Holy See to produce the collection: "the Crosses of the Jubilee year 2000". For this purpose, a small presentation book was drawn up depicting all the Gival crosses with the preface and comments of the Holy Father Pope John Paul II, all certified by the papal hologram. For this occasion, Gival donated 5% of all proceeds to charity for children associations.

The Historical Gival Jewellery factory is:

  • Passion

  • Love for Jewels

  • Made in Italy

  • Professionalism

  • Craftmanship

  • Creativity

  • Innovation

  • Customer satisfaction