A long tradition “Made in Italy”

More than a jewel

More than a jewel: unique emotions that go straight to your heart.


ival is one of the most famous Italian jewellery factories whose long family tradition goes back to the end of the 19th century and whose reputation has been maintained by the careful preservation of the goldsmith tradition and a strong passion for jewellery passed down through the generations.

Gival is best known for its collections in 18kt gold with diamonds and precious stones: sapphires, emeralds, rubies, aquamarine, morganite, tanzanite, tourmaline etc. Our jewels are always the result of an inseparable union: authentic craftsmanship and constant attention to trends in the world of precious pieces. And, this is what makes each Gival piece unique and exclusive.
For decades, we have been exporting our collections to many parts of the world, playing an important role in international markets with a significant contribution to the spread of Italian gold craftmanship and the “Made in Italy” stamp.


During the various stages of production each jewel goes through careful and thorough testing that guarantee the highest quality.

From the design of the model and the selection of raw materials to the final quality control, an expert team works with passion and dedication towards one goal: the creation of a jewel that offers emotions.

The purest selected diamonds

Our diamonds are strictly selected, choosing the best colour, the highest clarity and the perfect cut (the famous “4C” with carat) . GIVAL diamonds are “conflict free” in accordance with the “Kimberly Process”.


The microscope setting by hand assures the high quality of our creations. This accurate manufacturing is a strong point of our production process.


GIVAL creations are in gold 18kt 750‰ : white, yellow and pink gold. In white gold jewels a beautiful brilliance is given by the rhodium.

The most expert craftsmanship

GIVAL jewels are realized in Italy by our expert goldsmiths. We match the traditional techniques of handmade manufacturing with the most innovative technologies. Tradition and innovation are mixed together to assure the excellence of “Made in Italy”.


GIVAL creations are in gold with diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, tourmalines, morganite, aquamarine, tanzanite etc. The stones are selected by our expert gemologists and only after the high quality control they become GIVAL jewels.


made in Italy

Made in Italy: style, art, culture and history are the main elements of Italian craftsmanship. All the creations of jewelry Gival express the quality of exclusive Italian products, excellent craftsmanship, which we export as an example of Made in Italy in the world.

international guarantee

Each GIVAL jewel is accompained by a specific international certificate of guarantee which specifies the quality as well as the value.

Gival customer care

GIVAL assists its Customers all over in the world. You can contact us via e-mail to receive assistance or to make an order. GIVAL realizes tailor-made jewels, trasforming your emotions in unique creations.